Our 60L Tank

The 60L Tank is the ideal lowest weight capacity brewing tank for the customer who requires this specific containment capacity.

The 60L Tank is a cylindrical plastic rotationally moulded conical tank that provides a versatile and cost effective solution to a vast number of liquid or powder containment requirements such as beer brewing.

Unlike other conical tank manufacturers, our 60L tank is very competitively priced because you are purchasing straight from the manufacturer and is only produced using the highest grade of Low-Linear Density Polyethylene beads.

The uses for this tank include, but are not limited to such things as:

Beer brewing – Beer brewing and fermenting we have found to be the most popular purpose for our tanks. Whether it is a fine ale or a light larger that you are producing, our tanks are an ideal solution for both commercial and enthusiast home brewers.

Diesel, Petrol & Fuel storage – Our largest customer Lister Petter™ has been using our bespoke diesel tanks in many of their large scale electrical generator production projects.

Biodeisel & Biofuels – While the biodiesel craze has died down in recent years, we still have customers who require our tanks for biodiesel storage. These customers are usually farmers who need to store their biodiesel on-site to avoid the need to travel to replenish the fuel in their agricultural machinery.

Hazardous & Acidic chemical storage – One of our customers has used our tanks for storing hydrochloric acid, this was an ideal solution for them due to the nature of polyethylene and its ability to hold such a harsh chemical.


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60 Litre Cylindrical Cone Full Draining Tank

Container Materials: Low-Linear Density Polyethylene (Virgin Grade UV Stabilised)

Optional Stand Materials: Painted Steel

Operational Features: Fully Drainable, Mountable

Tank Diameter: 470mm

Tank Height: 650mm

Tank Weight: 4.5kg (approx)

Tank Wall Thickness: 6mm

Max Operational Temp: 60ºc (continuous)

Datasheet available upon request


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